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Ardell Lashes 113 - Black

Long and beautiful
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Freight cost 98 SEK
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Ardell Lashes 113 - Black

Really long, luxurious and glamorous false eyelashes, perfect for any situation. Ardell Lashes 113 - Black, looks really natural, but give your eyes that extra. The lashes are easy to apply and can be used several times, for best results, store them in the package so they retain their shape. These lashes are perfect for deep-set eyes.

  • Glamourous eyelashes
  • Natural look
  • Long

Application of Ardell Lashes 113 - Black

  1. Clean the eyelid, so that the surface is free from makeup and oils.
  2. Keep the false lash against the lid to check the width, if they are too wide, cut off the excess with a small pair of scissors.
  3. Apply a thin line of glue along the false lash line, please use a toothpick to get the glue evenly, wait about 30 seconds.
  4. Apply the false lash as close to your natural lashes as possible, you can use tweezers or your fingers and press gently.

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