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Coloran Permanent Dyeing For Eyebrow in the group MAKE-UP / EYES / Coloring at BubbleBox (510101r)
Coloran Permanent Dyeing For Eyebrow

Coloran Permanent Dyeing For Eyebrow

Coloran permanent dyeing for Eyebrow

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Coloran Permanent Dyeing For Eyebrow 

Highlight your eyebrows with Coloran permanent staining. Coloran lasts a long time and is ideal for those who do not want to use makeup products, or you might be the person who sports a lot. Coloran Permanent Dyeing For Eyebrows are also perfect to take with you on vacation for an easygoing existence.

Coloran permanent dyeing contains
Colorancrème, 6
Hydrogen Peroxide, 8 ml
A container mixing in
A plastic stick mixing with


Squeeze 1-2 cm Colorancrème and 5 - 10 drops Hydrogen Peroxide liquid in the container, and mix with plastic stick. The more drops of the liquid, the more concentrated and shorter duration of action.

Apply with plastic stick so that each hair is covered thoroughly. Leave for 5-30 minutes, depending on the shade you want. The longer the darker results. Wash off with water and mild soap.

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