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MOOD Lighteners - 103 Sun Blonde in the group HAIR COLOR / CARE / Hair Color / Highlights at BubbleBox (13-253)
MOOD Lighteners - 103 Sun Blonde
MOOD Lighteners - 103 Sun Blonde

MOOD Lighteners - 103 Sun Blonde

Brightens 3 shades and coloring
69 kr

Freight cost 98 SEK
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MOOD Lighteners - 103 Sun Blonde 

A hair color that ightens your hair up to 3 shades. MOOD Lighteners - 103 Sund Blonde, contains unique complex multi-technology - 4-in-1 system that color, wash, protect and care for your hair, for natural color and shine. Makes hair up to three shades lighter and gives the hair a light golden tint.

  • Lightens up to 3 shades
  • Coloring, washes and cares
  • Enough for shoulder-length hair

Tip to MOOD Lighteners - 103 Sun Blonde 

Do you have redness in your hair, be careful with MOOD Ultra Blonde and MOOD Sling Blonde. Try instead MOOD Blonde 102 Pearlblond. If your hair is darker, you need longer duration of action than if you have light hair. When the red and yellow pigments are stronger in the dark hair, it is important not to stop treatment too early, because these pigments are affected at the end of treatment. If you are unsure, do a test on a thin hair section first. MOOD Ultra Blonde X-tra and MOOD Sling Blonde X-tra is adapted for darker hair. Do not use lighteners if your scalp is irritated or damaged, always do an allergy test before using. Is not intended for use by persons under 16 years.

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