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Loreal Colorista Washout - GreenHair

Color that lasts 10-20 shampoos
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Freight cost 98 SEK
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Loreal Colorista Washout - GreenHair 

Vary your hair look with a temporary hair color that washes out! Loreal Colorista Washout - GreenHair, has a trendy forest green hair color that lasts about 10-20 washes. The color, gradually washing out after shampooing. Suitable for brown or highlighted brown hair. Create attitude to your hair and enjoy the world of colors.

  • Temporary hair color
  • Lasts 10-20 washes
  • Fashion shades
  • Suitable for brown hair

Use of Loreal Colorista Washout - GreenHair 

Use color in brown och brown highlighted hair. Wash and dry your hair before application. Remember to use the supplied protective gloves. Allow to stain 15 minutes - or up to 20 minutes for more intense results. Follow the instructions in the package.

Tip! Do you want the paint to be washed out more quickly, you can use Colorista Fader shampoo. If the hair is very porous, the color can last longer.

1 tube washout color 80ml
2 pairs of gloves
1 instruction

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