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Isadora Gel Nail Lacquer in the group NAILS/HAND / Nailpolish / Gel laquer at BubbleBox (230220r)
Isadora Gel Nail Lacquer

Isadora Gel Nail Lacquer

Isadora gel lacquer, no UV lamp needed

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Isadora Gel Nail Lacquer 

A revolution has come within gellacken from Isadora with completely new type of formula. By Isadora Gel Nail Lacquer is no need for UV light with ingredients that do not irritate and is hypo- allergenic . Nail Lacquer cures in all light and give you a week of incredible shine and durability . Nail Lacquer is used in combination with the unique Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coat to get the incredible shine and durability in one week.

How does Isadora Gel Nail Lacquer 

The colored Gel Nail Lacquer and Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coat is a reactive combination together gently self hardens and leaves a glossy finish that does not flake - no UV light is needed.

Do this
  1. Apply two coats of the colored Gel Nail Lacquer and let dry 3minutes before applying topplacket .
  2. Apply a layer of Gel Nail Lacquer Top Coat .
  3. A common basecoat Base / Top Coat # 600 can be applied over dark colors to prevent discoloration
  4. Can be easily removed with Isadora Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

Volume Content 6ml

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