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Loreal Magic Retouch - Hair color spray

Root cover up spray

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Loreal Magic Retouch - Hair Color Spray 

A concealer spray for your outgrowth, spray and you're done in 3 seconds! Loreal Magic Retouch - Hair Color Spray, is a temporary hair color that holds until the next shampooing and is easily washed out. Cover your gray hair and outgrowth until the next time you color, the spray blend perfectly into your hair and dries quickly.

  • Root cover up
  • Easily washed out
  • Temporary hair color
  • Also suitable for gray hair

Use of LOREAL Magic Retouch

  1. Shake the spray.
  2. Spray at 10 cm of the outgrowth.
  3. Outgrowth is gone!

Volume Contents: 75 ml

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