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Isadora Face Mist Primer in the group MAKE-UP / FACE / Primer at BubbleBox (214410)
Isadora Face Mist Primer

Isadora Face Mist Primer

Use prior to preparing the skin - Use after for the fixation of your makeup
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Isadora Face Mist Primer 

A combined primer and setting spray from Isadora. Face Mist Primer, you can use before you begin your makeup to prepare the skin and give it a smooth and even surface.

Isadora Face Mist Primer can be used after your makeup is ready to fix and make-up to stay in place all day long.

Can also be used during the day
Immediately gives a fresher and healthier skin.
Fixes make-up and get it to sit longer.
Calming and feels refreshing.
Humidity, energigivande- and fixing ingredients.
Prevents dry and sallow complexion.
Ideal for use in dry indoor or outdoor hot dry climate.
Anti-aging, minimizes signs of fatigue and gives new energy to the sallow skin.
Clinically tested.

Use of Isadora Face Mist Primer
Shake well before using. Hold the Mist about 20-25 cm from your face, close your eyes and spray your face 1-2 times. Let dry.

Volume Contents 100ml

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