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mirror with suction cups magnification X7 in the group MAKE-UP / MAKE-UP TOOLS / Mirrors at BubbleBox (35_006)

mirror with suction cups magnification X7

Mirror with with suction cups and magnification x7
89 kr

Freight cost 98 SEK
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Mirror with suction cups magnification X7

Problems to see without glasses when you add makeup? It will be much easier with a mirror that has magnification X7, perfect with suction cups on the back, so you just put it on your regular mirror can make-up without glasses. Or when you have to pick your eyebrows and have trouble seeing the straw. When starting out with a mirror with magnification, one can not be without it.

Dimensions of the mirror: about 16.5 cm in outer diameter and the mirror is about 14.5 cm

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