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Nail Decoration stringy glitter 12-pack in the group NAILS/HAND / Nail decoration / Loose Glitter at BubbleBox (bb-1016)
Nail Decoration stringy glitter 12-pack

Nail Decoration stringy glitter 12-pack

Bling your nails
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Freight cost 98 SEK
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Nail Decoration stringy glitter 12-pack 

With these glitter threads makes your nails cool. The Nail Decoration stringy glitter 12-pack, you have 12 colors to choose from, cover the entire nail, or use your imagination and create great art. You apply the stringy glitter easily on damp nail polish or you can use nail glue. Can be used in both normal and artificial nails.

How to Apply a Nail Decoration stringy glitter 12-pack

Apply nail glue on the nail and then dip the nail in the jar with the stringy glitter or sprinkle over your nail, have a happy paper underneath so you can re-use nail decorations that fall off. Or you paint two coats of nail polish on your nail in matching color, while the last layer nail polish is still wet, attach the decorations as above.

Nail Decoration stringy glitter 12 pack contains:

12 small bottles of nail decoration in the form of glitter ply, in different colors, each can measure about 2.7 cm in diameter and about 1.5 cm in height. The colors are: purple, orange, silver, red, yellow, white, pink, apple green, gold, silver, turquoise, cerise.

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