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Alyssa Ashley Musk Edt

The classic musk scent

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Alyssa Ashley Musk EDT

The oil was presented in a bottle shaped like a little heart. During the following years was supplemented series with Alyssa Ashley Musk EDT, Eau de Parfum and a whole collection of body care products success of Alyssa Ashley Musk EDT due to the very special formula, which mixes over a hundred of the world's finest ingredients to create the fresh, sensual fragrance that we know and love.

The classic Alyssa Ashley Musk EDT

Bergamot and orange flower fragrance makes healthy and fresh. Clove with jasmine, rose, iris and ylang-ylang gives warmth and romance. Musk, oakmoss, tonka bean and amber scent makes hot sensual.

In EDT, Roll-on, Body Lotion, Shower Gel.

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