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Victoria Tallba Pine Body Soap in the group SKIN CARE / Body Care / Soap at BubbleBox (502007)
Victoria Tallba Pine Body Soap

Victoria Tallba Pine Body Soap

Inspiration from the deep, Swedish pine forest
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Freight cost 98 SEK
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Victoria Tallba Pine Body Soap 

Inspired by the deep, Swedish pine forest. The first Tallba Pine Body Soap came on the market in 1935 and has been appreciated by thousands of people. Victoria Tallba Pine Body Soap is a fresh scented transparent soap with rich lather cleans with a luxurious feel. Imagine a warm summer morning where the sun's rays filtered through the pine branches and the fresh scent of musk, amber, mint, moss, and pine fills your senses. This is the Swedish forest caught in a soap.

Content Volume 100g